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3D Names

They are quire simply the coolest looking personalised wallpapers around! Your name will be rendered out in glorious looking 3D Text surrounded by a cool looking backdrop. Some of the styles have a super high resolution so they'll look great on your retina screens of the future! All you gotta do is search for your name and see what is available! 'Nuff Said!

Conceptual Idea Started
3D Names Product Launched
Names list upgraded
Website Launched
55,000 Names to search from
100% Free
90% Fresh
82% Cool
27% Veg

What do they do?

3D Names will change your life forever*

* You life changing event will vary differently

Upgrade your life!!

Tied of your BORING and BLAND wallpaper that currently used as the background for your phone?? Then sort your life out right now and go get yourself a unique new one!

Firstclass design

Zoom into the wallpapers and see an amazing amount of detail! Stunningly high resolution images will make your heart skip a beat and leave you gasping for air! Seriously!

Fully responsive

Our 3D Names website is fully responsive so works on your massively oversized desktop screen, your neat little laptop, your sleek little tablet or your trusty mobile phone!

The numbers speak!

3D Names gets over 20,000 visits a day from people all round the world, and with 220,000 likes on our Facebook page the only next logical step is world domination!

Daily Vists

,000 "likes"

million visits

,000 daily searches

hours phone calls

hours a day

Some Examples

Feast your eyes on these little beauties... that's right... 3D IN YOUR FACE!!

Looks Great

Your name never looks as good as it does when it's got all that 3D awesomeness all over it!

Feels great

It's so 3D you can virtually feel it!! Well if you put on some weird gloves from the future and stepped into a Tron like world then you probably could!

Smells Great!

Well ok... probably pushing this one a little but if you could smell them they'd probably be like freshly cut grass on a warm summer morning, or alternatively an old sweater at your Grandmas jumble sale!

Tastes Great??

Actually looking for volunteers to lick their screen and report back on how it tastes using the contact us section below...

I was just an ordinary man, then I discovered 3D Names and my life changed forever! Thank you 3D Names!

Want to see more styles?

Yeah you love those 3D Names... you've got this far and now you want more!!!

Whack your name into the bow below and search away...

Where to get them

You can get 3D Names from one of 3 places... Our website, from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store



Apple App Store

3D Names app on the App Store
3D Names app on the App Store

Google Play Store

3D Names app on Google Play
3D Names app on Google Play


Here are just a few of the things people are saying when they have dowloaded the app on their Android smartphones!

Kayla Freckleton

Google Play

Once you set your background its beautiful if you are looking for an app that has a beautiful background with your name in it I recommend this app to you. :-) :-)

Cooper Knuth

Google Play

Great I like this app because I can reccomend it to friends becuz ervry one likes so yah

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