About 3D Names

Hello, my name is Joe

I am the creator of 3D Names, it's a simple website/application I have have been running for the last 10 years and the concept is to allow you to search through 100,000's of pre-rendered wallpapers that I have been slowly rendering over time.

I offer you a free 500x500 pixel download of any of the searchable names, and I can also create you a free video when you download the 3DNames iOS Application on Apples App Store or the 3D Names app on the Google Play Store .

I can also create you custom wallpapers or videos with any name of your choice if you request it via the website or App.

Although I try to give away some of the content for free - I must pay for my own 3D software and computer equipment, as well as monthly server costs to host all of the wallpapers and videos, and hence why some of the content must be charged for to help support the running of 3D Names.

Please enjoy searching, and drop me a message on Facebook or Instagram if you need any help or if you want any custom work & designs creating.

New - 36 Mega Pixel Wallpapers

I have recently started to render out some of the existing wallpapers in gigantic 6000 x 6000 pixel sized images, currently I have rendered out only the first 6,000 most popular names in these sizes, and will be adding more whenever I can.

To get an idea of how highly detailed these are, here are 3 sample images you can download and take a look at. Try zooming in to see the Ultra High Resolution details.

How to find them:

Simply look for the 36 MP ribbon when you search for your name to see if it has the super high resolution images available!

3D Names 36 Mega Pixels

What are 3D Names?

3D Names are wallpapers designed for your mobile phone, tablets and desktop computers. Each image is rendered out using 3D computer software and then uploaded to the webserver ready for you to search for your name and then download and use as your wallpaper!

How do I get my name in 3D?

It's quite easy... you just go to the websites homepage and enter your name into the search box and see if there are wallpapers that match your name. Then use your free credits to download a style that you like!

What if you don't have my name?

There are currently: over 100,000 3D Name files, and we are trying to add more all the time!

All of the 3D Names take time to be made (some take up to a minute to render out) and because of this its impossible to have every single name combination in the world... I only create the most popular names that are searched for and render them out over time.

You can of course always send a Custom Video or Custom Wallpaper request and I'll render out any name you like.