About 3D Names

What are 3D Names?

3D Names are wallpapers designed for your mobile phone, tablets and desktop computers. Each image is rendered out using 3D computer software back at the 3D Names Headquarters and then uploaded to our webserver ready for you to search for your name and then download and use as your wallpaper!

How do I get my name in 3D?

It's quite easy... you just go to our websites homepage and enter your name into the search box and see if we have wallpapers that match your name. Then use your free credits to download a style that you like!

What if you don't have my name?

There are currently: over 100,000 3D Name files, and we are trying to add more all the time!

All of our 3D Names take time to be made (some take up to a minute to render out) and because of this we cannot have every single name combination in the world... we only create the most popular names that are searched for and render them out over time.

We do however let you jump the queue and send us a request to make you a name out specially for you, or if you have a unique name, logo or message that you want it to say then you can send a request.

How do I send a name Request?

If you have a special name that you want us to create then you can do so by going to the Name Requests page and use your credits to make a name request!