About 3D Names:

Download the 3D Names app for free and try searching for your first name to see if we have your name as a 3D logo or wallpaper. If you find an image that you like then you can purchase it through the App StoreSM. There are thousands of names to choose from and new names get added all the time. If by any chance you can't find your name you can always send a request from within the application and you'll be notified when your 3D Name is available.
All 3D Name wallpapers are hi-resolution and can be magnified to allow you to choose your best fit.
3D Names are rendered out using 3D Software, because of the high resolution and to ensure quality the names are all rendered in advance and are not done 'on the fly'. When you search for a name the application looks into a large online catalogue of names to see if we can find a match, if we do have an available 3D Name wallpaper then we offer it as a downloadable image for your iPhone® or iPod touch®. If your name is not found then we allow you to send out a request to us and we'll try our best to render your name out. Please be aware that we receive thousands of requests each week, and some names we are currently unable to render out if they contain certain characters that cause issues with the 3D Names.
3D Names now have over 17,000 searchable names, and we are constantly updating our list to ensure our collection of 3D Names keeps on growing. We try to add new styles every month to let you keep your iPhone® or iPod touch® looking as fresh as possible!